“The cast is terrific . . .Ms Steeves brings a sense of bewildered near defeat to Jackie, who has come to lick her wounds, only to find herself embroiled in more trauma.”

~ New York Times

“Steeves has an uproariously funny run-on ‘breakdown’ of a speech.”

~ Huffington Post

“. . . very funny, very moving, and propelled by a wonderful team of actors”

~ Huffington Post

the shape she makes

“One of the best theater pieces I've ever seen...I've never seen a story communicated so profoundly as I have in this show.”


“With Finnerty Steeves as grown up Quincy and the rest of the cast, the play is deeply moving.”


“It is a hard scene to watch, but (Writer/Director) Bernstein makes this type of honesty prevalent throughout the production so that by the end when Steeves speaks as Quincy... her transformation feels genuine.”

~ The Harvard Crimson

“ intelligent, deeply felt hybrid of theater and dance, relying on both forms to the benefit of both.”

~ The Edge Boston

“Actress Finnerty Steeves brings a rare blend of dignity, pathos and intelligence to the role and we are deeply moved by her struggle to evolve.”

~ Joyce Kulhawk

“A complex and rewarding theatre-dance piece that asks the question "who determines who we are?”

~ Boston Globe

“The troupe of actors and dancers are breathtaking in their mastery of their craft.”


“What I did not expect was to be blown away by the creativity of this piece and by the gut wrenching emotional impact in this beautifully told story.”

~ Al Chase

“By using so many forms - dance, theater, music, image - all delivered up the a talented cast, we are in explicably pulled into a circle of deep caring.”

~ Slow Muse

lost in yonkers (new york)

“Ms. Harris and Ms. Steeves permeate the characters with complex layers of painful experience.”

~ The New York Times

“Finnerty Steeves is absolutely heartbreaking as the boy's delightfully sweet, simple-minded Aunt Bella.”

~ Associated Press

“Jenn Thompson and her cast, Finnerty Steeves in particular, went straight to the kernel of truth in each scene, trusting the punch lines to take care of themselves (which they did, effortlessly).”

~ The Wall Street Journal

“Finnerty is heartbreakingly vulnerable as Bella.”

~ New York Post

“All the performances are perfection!”

~ Huffington Post

“Uniformly wonderful cast!”

~ Entertainment Weekly

“Steeves is heartbreaking!”

~ NY1

“Thompson's cast is topnotch.”

~ NY Daily News

“Touching, funny and beautifully acted.”

~ ONE Magazine

“...a cast worthy of the great days of the Theatre Guild, the Actors Studio, and the National Theatre of London as well.”

~ DC Theatre Scene

absurd person singular

“Ms Steeves's stingingly true-to-life performance is the best I've seen by an American actor in an Ayckbourn play.”

~ The Wall Street Journal

“Steeves mastery of this role is breathtaking, and calls to mind the great comediennes such as Imogene Coca and Carol Burnett.”

~ Berkshire On Stage

“Finnerty Steeves almost silent tour de force as the suicidal Eva in Act two is astounding. It is hard to take your eyes off of her.”

~ Berkshire Theatre Reviews

“Finnerty Steeves is sensational as the suicidal prone Eva and makes the second act worth the price of a ticket.”

~ WBRX Radio

“Steeves is brilliant in the second act as she reveals her pain without ever speaking a word.”

~ The Record

“Finnerty Steeves - a Stockard Channing lookalike is especially impressive in the second act as the entirely mute, and very upset, Eva Jackson.”

~ The Times Union

“Finnerty Steeves touches on genius in her role, here.”

Rex Hearn

“Finnerty Steeves, one of this country's top regional-theater actors, is nothing short of extraordinary as the desperately unhappy Eva.”

~ The Wall Street Journal

dead man's cell phone

“Finnerty Steeves is a dark-haired actress with a marvelously expressive face, a body that can crumple almost to the point of disappearing and a deceptively genial way with a comic take.”

~ The New York Times

“Finnerty Steeves delivers a deliciously giddy performance that in itself is more than worth the price of admission.”

~ The Valley Advocate

“Steeves is able to turn moments that might merely have merited a smile into ones that engender hearty laughter, and her slow double-takes as she tries to work out what is happening are things of comedic beauty.”

~ The Norwalk Citizen News

“Steeves is a brilliant comedic actor of great range who can make you laugh or cry out loud. Sometimes both at the same time.”

~ Metroline

enchanted april

“Finnerty Steeves is a delight as Lotty, distilling the opposing aspects of her character into a subliminal hunch that turns out to be, not the weight of despair, but the crouch of an animal preparing for the biggest leap of her life. She bubbles with both childlike naivete and saucy cynicism.”

~ The Arizona Republic

the norman conquests

“Ms. Steeves, who is making her debut with the company, is a greatly gifted actress who had already caught my eye in the Guthrie Theater's "Lost in Yonkers" and an otherwise unmemorable "Hedda Gabler" at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater. Her shy, rueful performance as Annie will likely add still more luster to her reputation as a rising star of regional theater.”

~ The Wall Street Journal

“The sole non-resident actress in the production, Steeves may not have had the benefit of working with the rest of the cast as much as they’ve worked with each other, but her aptitude for comic performance fits right into the picture as a pleasant, unfamiliar addition to an otherwise exceedingly familiar cast.”

~ Express Milwaukee

lost in yonkers (regional)

“But the biggest performance came from Steeves, who was so good as Bella, her performance is sure to soften whatever part of your heart may be calcified.”

~ Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

“Finnerty Steeves is a heartwrenchingly hilarious dynamo.”


“The acting is first-rate, with excellent performances by Linehan and Steeves.”

Steve on Broadway

wonder of the world

“Finnerty Steeves is particularly sharp as the bitterly comic Lois.”

~ The Boston Globe

“Finnerty Steeves is dry and sardonic and a perfect foil for the sunny Miss Naughton.”

~ WBRK Radio

“Naughton is a bright comedian, as is Steeves, whose work I admired in the recent Off-Broadway comedy “Almost Maine”. Together they make a perfect yin and yang of optimism and despair.”

~ New Times

“Finnerty Steeves is just right as the alcoholic Lois.”

~ Curtain Up Berkshire

“Finnerty Steeves is terrific!”

~ Advocate

“Finnerty Steeves who was splendid recently in the NYC staging of “Almost Maine” is a hoot. Her role insists that she counter Cass with one or two liners and Steeves comes through again and again.”

Fred Sokol

“Joining her beat for beat is Steeves' hapless, helpless and endearing Lois.”

~ Berkshire Eagle

almost, maine

“Mr Barre has instilled among his four performers (led my the delightful Ms Steeves) an off kilter charm that matches the script perfectly.”

~ New York Sun

“The performances – by Todd Cerveris, Justin Hagan, Miriam Shor and Finnerty Steeves are expert at conveying the sweetness and poignancy of the material.”

~ New York Daily News

“Todd Cerveris and the invaluable Finnerty Steeves are quirky cute.”

~ New York Sun Weekend Edition